2020 Board Elections

Every year three board directors’ terms come due and they either choose to re-run or not.  This year we have three positions with two current directors re-running for their positions and one director vacating. Lauryn Kalina and Stephanie Coats intend to rerun for their positions. This leaves one position open. If you have any desire to run, or curiosity about a PCFCU Board of director position, please contact Jackie Hoonjan, PCFCU CEO and President to learn more about the requirements and time commitment. The last day to submit a letter of intent to run is Friday, March 27, 2020.

You can contact Jackie Hoonjan at: 541-343-6238 or jackie@pacificcascade.org.

System Upgrade – Conversion Information and Timing

View the Power Point below for timing and what to expect during our core computer upgrade.

Most Asked Question

–Where is my account history? when will I be able to see it?

Currently members can only access their account history from October 1, 2019, going forward. If you need immediate access to information, call us: local = 541-343-6238 | toll free = 800-477-3328, we have access to your history and can help you find what you need. On approximately October 21- 22 members can sign up for eStatements. Through eStatements you will have access to the last 12 months history on your account — this will be available beginning the first of November. eStatement sign-up is currently not available; it will be available for sign-up on or about October 21, 2019.  Check back for the exact date. Thank you for your patience as we make our way through the core system upgrade.  We’re excited to reap the efficiencies of the new system but realize change is never fun nor easy. Thank you!

–Why is Online or Mobile Banking not working for me?

Refresh your computer or remove your cookies to make sure you’re not going to our old site.  If you have our online banking URL in your favorites, replace it with this: online.wesaveyou.com. This will take you to our new Online Banking.

To use mobile banking, first delete the old PCFCU app. Go to your app store and input Pacific Cascade Federal Credit Union. Select our Mobile Banking App and follow the instructions to download the app. It is fairly intuitive to follow and maneuver.  If you have questions about the Mobile App, give us a call at 541-343-6238.

–Where’s my Visa credit card information?

You will find your Visa information in Online Banking. You can find some Visa information in Mobile, however, CardValet has the best, most thorough credit card information. It also has a lot of handy bells and whistle. Enter your PCFCU debit and credit cards into CardValet to activate your ability to turn your cards on and off, for transactions. For information on CardValet click here

Starting after close of business on Monday, September 30th through Noon on Wednesday, October 2nd.

Conversion Member Guide

PART ONE  –  Sept. 2019

Conversion Member Guide

PART TWO  –  Sept. 2019

Money Management Program Users for Quicken  Mint

If you use Quicken or Mint, please prepare for our conversion ahead of time.  Here are instructions for Quicken for Mac (Express Web Connect) or (Web Connect); Quicken for Window (Express Web Connect) or (Web Connect); or Mint.

We set ourselves apart by having real people for you to speak to when you call or visit us. We also offer electronic and mobile banking services for the times you want or need them for your convenience.

Our History

Pacific Cascade opened its doors to serve members in 1961 as Eugene Municipal Federal Credit Union. We merged with Springfield Public Employees Federal Credit Union forming the Public Employees Federal Credit Union in 1982, and added Sacred Heart Credit Union to the mix in 1983. In 1996, we changed our name to Pacific Cascade and in 1999 we became the first community credit union in Lane County. Today, we have three locations in Lane County.

The Credit Union Difference

What is the difference between a credit union and a bank? All credit unions are member-owned by people with a common bond, such as working for the same employer, or living in a certain area. A volunteer board of directors guides the credit union. These board members are also credit union members, and are elected by the membership.

Any profits from credit union operation are given back to the members, possibly as higher dividends, lower loan rates, or by being offered more services. Banks, on the other hand, are in the business of making a profit for their stockholders. They have customers, not members.

Banks and credit unions do share some things in common. Both types of organizations insure your savings. Both are regulated to ensure that they are financially sound. Pacific Cascade is federally insured through the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Insurance Fund. Read more about how your funds are insured in this handout: NCUA How Your Account Is Insured (PDF).

Become a Board Member

Our current Board of Directors is a hard working group of members that meet monthly to ensure Pacific Cascade is operating in the best interest of the membership as a whole.  This group of dedicated members (elected to serve) are all volunteer and act on behalf of all members to create a financial institution that serves the specific needs of the membership. Of course those needs are always changing, keeping board members on their toes and well-engaged in the overall service and offerings of PCFCU.

Meet your Board of Directors:

2017 PCFCU Board of Directors member Lauryn Kalina

Lauryn Kalina

2017 PCFCU Board of Directors member Larry Ocker

Larry Ocker

2017 PCFCU Board of Directors member Jim Stotts

Jim Stotts

2017 PCFCU Board of Directors member Bob Walters

Bob Walters

No photo available for Board Member Dr. Gustavo Balderas

Dr. Gustavo Balderas

2017 PCFCU Board of Directors member Dave Bomar

Dave Bomar

2017 PCFCU Board of Directors member Stephanie Coats

Stephanie Coats

Board Member Bill Childers picture

Bill Childers

Board Member Mary Walston

Mary Walston

Meet your Supervisory Committee Members:

2017 PCFCU Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee member Bill Childers

Bill Childers

2017 PCFCU Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee member Paul Nielsen

Paul Nielson

Dr. Tanya Bedward Supervisory Committee, picture not available

Dr. Tanya Bedward



If you are interested in becoming a member of our board, contact us today!

Proud Member of NAFCU 2019

proud Member of NAFCU 2019