Stop These Scams COLD in Their Tracks

Part One of Two Information for this story comes from our friends at Balance Because of their omnipresence in our society, you’ve probably read about financial scams over the years. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that criminals put a lot of effort into developing fresh ways to defraud victims. New devious tricks pop… Read full post »


The PCFCU Skip Most PCFCU loans qualify for our skip program; your loan needs to be current. We allow skips on qualifying loan payments. Complete a Skip Application for each PCFCU loan you want to skip. We’ll let you know if the skip is available for that loan (have you already skipped on this loan… Read full post »

Spanish Webinar – Becoming a Homeowner

Pacific Cascade has partnered with Balance to help answer your financial questions. Check out Balance and see how we can help you become a more financially fit You!  In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we offer a Spanish Webinar. See details below. Becoming a Homeowner is the last of our four-part FREE Spanish language webinar series… Read full post »

Fraudsters Spoofing PCFCU

WARNING! We are hearing a growing number of FRAUD reports. Fraudsters can Spoof our phone number, making Pacific Cascade FCU show up in your caller ID, when in fact it is not us calling. If you receive an unexpected call from us asking for you to set up a Zelle account, this is not us. Hang… Read full post »

Yet Another Scam – This One A Grandparent Scam Where They Come to Your Front Door

In a new twist on an old scam, older adults all across the United States have been duped into handing over cash at their front door, thinking they’re helping a loved one who is in danger. It happened to a resident of Lake Oswego in October 2020, and the Oregon Department of Justice has reason… Read full post »

Fraud Alerts

Federal Trade Commission Reports Rise in Fraud Schemes Related to Small Businesses and to Grandparents and more. The Federal Bureau of Consumer Protection has recently issued two alerts: Small Business Alert — If you own a small business or work for one, you’ve seen the headlines about financial relief that may be available to some… Read full post »