Overdraft Protection

Privilege Pay is our overdraft protection service that allows member checking accounts to go into the negative, up to $1,000 for those “oops” moments. We do require that the amount be paid back within 45 days.

What does it mean to Opt-IN?

Members with checking accounts that want Privilege Pay benefits, are required to opt in for the service. If a member chooses not to Opt-IN, they may experience a declined transaction when funds are not available to cover it.

How to Opt-IN

Opting in, is easy! Just tell us you want to Opt-IN to have Privilege Pay coverage.

To submit your request:

  • Stop by any of our branches
  • Call us: (541)343-6238 or (800)477-3328
  • Email us
  • Mail us

What you need to know:

  • If you have more than one checking account with us, you’ll need to Opt IN for each account
  • You will receive a confirmation letter after opting in.
  • You can Opt IN and never use it, but it’s there just in case.

Member Account Agreement (disclosure):

Member Account Agreement