Overdraft Protection

Privilege Pay is our overdraft protection service that allows member checking accounts to go into the negative, up to $1,000 for those “oops” moments. We do require that the amount be paid back within 45 days.

What does it mean to Opt-IN?

Legislation requires members with checking accounts to opt in for Privilege Pay benefits, if they choose to. In the past, members did not have to ask for this benefit as part of their checking account because it came automatically. Because of legislation, members now have to ask for our Opt-IN benefits. If a member chooses not to Opt-IN, they may experience a declined transaction when funds are not available to cover it.

How to Opt-IN

Opting in, is easy! Just tell us you want to Opt-IN to have Privilege Pay coverage.

To submit your request:

  • Stop by any of our branches
  • Call us: (541)343-6238 or (800)477-3328
  • Email us
  • Mail us

What you need to know:

  • If you have more than one checking account with us, you’ll need to Opt IN for each account
  • You will receive a confirmation letter after opting in.
  • You can Opt IN and never use it, but it’s there just in case.

Privilege Pay Overdraft Policy (disclosure):

Privilege Pay Disclosure (PDF)