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Hours:  Monday through Friday – 9:30 am to 5:30 pm  (drive-ups open at 8:30 am)

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For Lost or Stolen Cards:

During Business hours call: 541-343-6238 or 800-477-3328
After Hours: In the U.S.: 800-472-3272 (for Visa credit cards). 800-477-3328 (for Debit cards)
International: 301-837-8406 (for Visa credit cards)
After reporting your card lost or stolen through this email, you’ll need to contact us as well, before a new card can be ordered.
Activate Your Card

Card Activation/Pin Selection: 800-992-3808 (for Debit cards) (This is for New Cards)

When you activate your new card, you need to call from the primary phone number we have in your file (this is for security purposes). You will then be asked to verify the last four digits of the primary member SSN. **You will only be prompted to select a PIN on your initial activation of a new card.** If you already have a PIN you will not be asked to select a PIN, your current PIN is still your PIN.

Pin Change: If you would like to change your current PIN, you can do so by calling the numbers below. You will need your current PIN to change it. If you have forgotten your PIN and want to change it, call PCFCU directly at 541-343-6238 (800-477-3328). Once you have you current PIN call:

Pin Change Within the US = (coming soon) — Pin Change International = 859-488-4130
Traveling? Call Us Before You Go!

Planning on using your credit card(s) during travel? Call us before you go to your destinations! A quick call informs us that your card will be used outside its normal use area. We have card protection in place to ensure fraudsters don’t gain access to your credit cards via scams and begin using your cards.

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