Credit and Debit Card Phone Numbers To Call ~ NEW

Beginning Monday, August 8, 2016, we have NEW phone numbers for members to call with credit and debit card questions, problems or concerns.  Of course you may call us directly during office hours 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday at: 541-343-6238 or toll free: 800-477-3328 or choose from our list below:
For Lost or Stolen Cards:
In the U.S. = 800-528-2273
International = 812-647-9794
When you get a new Visa credit or debit card you will need to activate the card(s). Follow the instructions on the sticker on the face of your card. If you have removed the sticker or if the sticker has become unreadable, here are the numbers you will need:
Card Activation and/or PIN Selection = 866-642-0450
Please call from your primary phone number you have on file with us, this is a security feature. You will only be asked to select a PIN on your initial call to activate your new card. If you receive a card because your old card has expired or was compromised or is lost or stolen, and that card already has a PIN, you will  not be asked during card activation to create a new PIN, your existing PIN will still be your PIN.
If you want to change your PIN, call:
In the U.S. = 877-265-9594
International = 859-488-4130
(you must know your current PIN to call direct.  If you do not know your current PIN call PCFCU first at: 541-343-6238 or 800-477-3328.
The phone number changes are because we have changed our card processor and we are switching over to EMV (smart chip cards) to enhance security for our members. As with all changes, there is potential for bumps along the way. For that we apologize in advance.