Buying a New Car, Boat, or RV?

At Pacific Cascade we make it easy. With low rates on flexible terms, there’s no reason to go anywhere else for financing. It’s that simple. You can have the peace of mind that your loan is being handled by people you trust.

For members currently experiencing turbulent times with credit, we have Fresh Start Loans. Don’t let what you think is bad credit stop you from asking how we can help.

Our auto and RV loans include:

  • Auto Loan – New & Used
  • Motor Home – New & Used
  • Motorcycles and Recreational Vehicles
  • Power Sport – New & Used
  • Rate Sheet

Your loan information will be on your statement and you will be able to take advantage of credit union services such as:

Insurance Information We’ll Need . . .

Proof of Insurance

Pre-Approving Any Loan is always best

When you’re ready to purchase a new automobile, it’s always best to go shopping knowing how much you are willing (or able) to spend. There is nothing worse than falling in love with a car you can’t afford. Or spending more than you really wanted to. We suggest pre-approving your auto loan BEFORE you go shopping. Then once you get to the dealership, tell them you already have financing (this will make the process faster). They may attempt to persuade you to go with another financing option, just say no.

We have a couple tools to help your pre-planning process.  First, because cost and affordability are paramount, here are links to auto loan calculators, one for new and one for used autos. You can determine how much car, monthly payment, and length of loan. You will notice information and pricing is available to include protection plan(s) as well. Of course, you can call us and ask for information and help at any time (during normal business hours).

If you’re interested in purchasing a New or Used auto, use this calculator:  Auto Purchase Calculator.

Other factors in the auto buying process, whether new or used — what is your credit score? Will you trade in or sell your current auto? Will you have a down payment?

CREDIT SCORE: If you know your credit score, great. If not, sign up for our Credit Sense Product. Review your credit score daily or multiple times during the day if you like. Learn what you can do to improve your score, or how certain things will affect your score. So much to see and know about your own financial situation.

Or, you can check your score annually at no cost at CreditKarma and/or check your credit report once every 12 months with each of the 3 major bureaus for free. Here are a few links: AnnualCreditReport.comCreditKarma;; or  If you prefer, simply Google credit report and choose your favorite. If  your score is not quite what you’d like it to be, give us a call, we can help you work out a plan for improving it.

TO SELL OR TRADE IN: Do you currently have an auto that you would like to sell or trade in? Most often you will get more dollars for your car when you sell it. However, this takes time and effort. The alternative is to trade your auto in and let the dealership do all the work. And/Or, you may find you owe more than your auto’s current value. In this case, you may choose to trade this auto in, knowing you will carry that deficit forward into your new loan. If you sell it, you still need to pay the existing loan off in its entirety, even if it is more than the sale price. To determine both your private sale and/or trade-in values, here is a link: Kelley Blue Book values

DOWN PAYMENT: Of course it’s always better to put some money down to lower your financed balance. That can come from the sale of your current auto, your savings, or a gift from a loved one.

Of course we’re always here to help answer your questions and assist in your planning process. Give us a call or stop by any PCFCU branch (during normal business hours).

Working on Financing at the Dealership?

Most of the local dealers in Lane County participate in the Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL) system. CUDL is a provider that connects credit unions such as Pacific Cascade with dealerships.

This quick, automated process allows you to apply for credit, and on approval, drive right off the lot in your NEW car!

Loan Calculator

Try our online financial calculators here.

Contact us with any questions that you may have about auto and RV loans.

Ancillary Products That Might Save You Money Later . . .

We offer several products that can help you if/when things go wrong.

  • GAP insurance covers the difference between the amount owing on an auto loan and what an insurance company pays if a car is totaled.  Learn more:
  • MRC (Mechanical Repair Coverage) where your auto’s warranty ends and your new coverage begins. Learn more:
  • Credit Life and Disability Insurance covers payments if you are injured and/or become deceased. Morbid, yes. But helpful if the unthinkable happens.