Conventional Mortgage Loans

Pacific Cascade NMLS# 512181 (CU Members Mortgage NMLS#401285)

Pacific Cascade mortgage plans offer fixed or variable rate conventional mortgage loans for various terms or periods for new home purchases, and/or refinancing of existing loans.


  • Competitive Rates (ask us what our current conventional mortgage rates are).
  • Apply for a pre-approved loan prior to home shopping.
  • ACH mortgage payments available, where payments are made automatically for you.
  • Several mortgage options, including:  FHA, VA, Conventional (purchase and refinances), ARMS, 2nd home loans, Investment.
  • Equal housing lender.

Second Home Mortgage Loans

There are times PCFCU members want more than one home. Perhaps one is a vacation home. We have a loan for refinancing and/or purchases of a second home.


  • Minimum loan amount: $100,001
  • Current rate: As low as 4.75%* APR
  • Fixed Terms:  Minimum 15 years. (Example: 180 monthly payments of $790.80 per $100,000 borrowed at 5.00% APR) – (Example (20-year term) 240 monthly payments of $687.89 per $100,000 borrowed at 5.50%)
  • Balloon Terms:  Minimum 15 years with balloon payment.  (Example 180 monthly payments of $552.21 with a balloon payment due of $69,243.12 borrowed at 5.25% APR)
  • Ask us how much equity in your home is needed (80% LTV)
  • Payment amount:  minimum $50 to principal
  • No Annual fee
  • Equal housing lender

Apply Here, Or contact us to make an appointment with Pacific Cascade today or to learn more about our current rates.

Equity Mortgage Loans

An Equity Mortgage Loan lets you use the equity in your home to borrow for any reason.

Visit our Home Equity page for more information.

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Mortgage Calculator

Try our online financial calculators here.

NOTICE OF ERROR OR REQUEST FOR INFORMATION:  if you have a mortgage loan with us at Pacific Cascade and you have questions or wish to report an error(s), please submit your comments and/or concerns to Pacific Cascade Federal Credit Union, 1075 Oak Street, Eugene, OR 97401. Attention: Member Solutions Department.